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“The Cure for Boredom”


KBIS 2015 2We live in an age where there is something going all of the time in a hundred different mediums, it seems, although the bulk of them revolve around the Internet, smart phones, and that old standby, television. It means that the young are never bored. On paper. Those who have children below a certain age will be quick to point out that dealing with their children’s boredom is an oft occurring problem that sometimes takes on monumental proportions, simply because their children sometimes have no access to their video games, or worse, have grown tired of those they do have. I bring that up because I can honestly say I am never bored. The reason’s simple. As Dorothy Parker said, “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”


I have not always been a blogger, although now that I am entering the eighth year of this endeavor, it certainly feels that way at times. But long before I got into this, I had a pretty much endless curiosity about the world I live in. All my life I have read a lot, and I have made it a point to learn whatever I can from whatever learning venue has presented itself over the years. But that said, I have to say that pretty much the most enormous subject of all seemed, at first blush, the most restrictive, namely this blogging venture on all things kitchens and baths. My business partner Joe Dusel talked me into it back in 2008, and I remember asking him how many times I could write about a faucet before becoming bored with the subject. The answer, as it turned out, was infinite, or so it seems because over the years I really have written some thirty or forty blogs on that one subject alone.


KBIS 2015 3Anyone who reads these blogs on a regular basis will think me the cheerleader of all time, but it’s because of a conscious decision I made in the early months of the blog. At that point we were frankly a little full of ourselves, and I wrote several snarky blogs about items I didn’t care for. As I finished what turned out to be the last of that wretched lot, I found myself thinking that it was a waste of my talents and my readers’ time. I have not sinned since. That is not to say that I like everything I see, because I don’t, but when I come across something I don’t like, I just keep looking until I find something I DO like, and that becomes the next blog.


And quite frankly, I have had very little trouble finding things I like over the years because there are so many outrageously talented people in this world who are forever re-inventing products we use every day of our lives, not knowing that there could be a better way of using them until the next innovation arrives, which is why I’m so excited about what I will be doing next week.


For the last few months I have mostly done two things: work on my long-delayed-but-finally-making-some-honest-to-goodness-progress Home Theater and get ready for our visit to the premier event of the year in kitchen and bath circles, namely the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS). They bill themselves as the voice of the kitchen and bath industry, and for the last fifty years they really have been just that. This will be the third time I have been able to attend. The first time I attended in 2011 some of my friends in the kitchen design industry told me that they were a bit disappointed, as they thought the show was smaller than previously. Personally, I found it very large indeed, but I could compare it only to a similar venue in Canada that had not been as large. When I attended last year, I noted that there were some 260 exhibitors, a total I found overwhelming, as I did NOT make it to all of them. This year the figure is considerably larger.


KBIS 2015 4I am able to travel to KBIS on a Press Pass, and I take full advantage of this, scheduling as many booth appointments as I can while still allowing ample time to simply drift through the exhibits, looking for something that piques my interest. Some of the most fun blogs to write last year came about because of a product I’d never heard of before visiting their booth at KBIS. This year as I made my way through the many invitations from advertising agency people, I noted that KBIS is in two halls and that both halls are pretty much filled border to border.


It’s because this year there are some 536 exhibitors, and just to compound this a bit, KBIS has now teamed with the International Builders’ Show (IBS), so I’ve received a fair number of invitations from that side as well. In the main, I have declined them, simply because of the logistics of life. I am frankly interested in pretty much anything that goes into a home, either in original construction or in remodeling projects, but my dominant interests are in the KBIS side because the bulk of my many hundreds of blogs have been on kitchens and baths.


I’m writing this on a Sunday to post today, Monday. The rest of the week will be dark as I will be in Las Vegas visiting as many booths as this old man’s legs will permit. I’m scheduled to visit the booths of four different countertop manufacturers and will surely visit the booths of several others. There are sinks to look at it, faucets to savor, cabinetry and tile and lighting and flooring and, surely, somewhere a concept that just knocks your socks off. I mean to find it and will report on this and many other concepts beginning next week. Dorothy Parker had the right on that. Curiosity is an itch you never stop scratching.



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