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Thick Bamboo Sheet Material

5 February 2008



thickbamboosheet1Recently I made a 54” x 68” countertop for a client out of a 1 ½” thick bamboo sheet good that is now being imported by a company called Totally Bamboo, located in San Marcos, California. This material comes in sheets that are in sizes of 30” x 96”, 25 ½” x 96” and 36” x 72”. The 25 ½” wide size is new. This is a terrific product that is not only beautiful, but it’s environmentally friendly. This is made using formaldehyde free glue. It comes packaged extremely well in a cardboard box with foam and it’s entirely wrapped with thick plastic.


The sheets come in a variety of colors and configurations. Totally Bamboo has both the natural and amber colors, plus combinations of the two. And they have them in both the vertical and horizontal layout patterns. Since the actual bamboo plant wall thickness is only about 1” thick the pieces that are laminated together to form the sheets are no more than ¼” x ¾”. This is then glued together to form the layers of bamboo into a 1 ½” thick sheet. Here is a more detailed description of the bamboo sheet goods for furniture applications.

The island countertop that I created for my client required two sheets of the bamboo to be cut to rough size, slotted for biscuits, glued and biscuited together, cut to the finished size, chamfered on all edges and then finished with Tung oil. It turned out great, and the client loved it. I’ve made my own bamboo countertops in the past and this was definitely a much easier process.

Not only is this thick bamboo material great for countertops, but it has lots of other possibilities for other applications such as fireplace mantles and in furniture. In fact, I’m working on a a bamboo mantel job right now. I will post some pictures of its progress.

Joe Dusel

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