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Blum Servo Drive Drawer Opening Hardware

31 March 2008

“Is This Motion Loco?”

I guess a person can date himself by the songs he remembers being introduced, but I do remember a song released in 1962 by Little Eva called “The Loco-Motion.” It came to mind when I saw the latest cutting-edge product to be reviewed by CFT411.

I’m really not sure how badly I feel the need of something like this, but sometimes, let’s face it, people just want a new kitchen with all the latest whistles and bells. Well, sir! Wait ’til you get a load of this one!

Blum has recently released Servo Drive, which is an electrically-driven drawer system that, according to the manufacturer, will work with even a heavy, fully-loaded drawer. Opening this drawer is simplicity itself. You simply nudge it. Ready to close it? Give it another nudge. Check out this video and you will, uh, get the picture.

It’s a system that will add about $150 extra per drawer (about $190 extra with shock-absorbing under-mount slides), which is quite a bit more than the $30 to $75 one typically spends for the drawer box itself, but for those who would cry themselves to sleep if they had to “make do” with a $6 pair of totally reliable Blum 230 Drawer Glides, this may well be just the ticket. Think of it! People around the neighborhood will be knocking on your door just to get another look at your drawers—the ones in the kitchen, of course!

Truthfully, it reminds me of a children’s book I read in grade school, a collection of short stories about Homer Price by Robert McCloskey. One of them was about a product called “Ever So Much More So,” which people sprinkled on things like coffee and doughnuts to make them ever so much more so good. As is so often the case, though, it was an exercise in unattended consequences, as the guy who sprinkled it on his wonderfully soft mattress also managed to get some on his squeaky bed spring, and so forth. Seeing this product in action I couldn’t help thinking about the possibility of tripping over a drawer inadvertently nudged open. But that’s just me.

On a serious note, it is fair to say that those who routinely go into the kitchen with huge bags of groceries, or who routinely have a lot of chaos in the kitchen may find this product to be just the thing. And, if nothing else, it’s something no one else in the neighborhood has. So that ought to count for something!


How comes the guy with the fancy name is anti-fancy? Admittedly the new Blum Servo-Drive would be a luxury for most, but for someone with a handicap this could be a Godsend. I actually think it looks like a pretty slick idea. If you are spending something like $50K to $75K on a deluxe kitchen I think this definitely adds to the “wow factor”. For a typical kitchen with about 30 drawers it would add about $4500 to the cost.


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