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Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

9 May 2008

Bamboo Shoe Bench I am a big fan of using environmentally friendly materials wherever I can in making furniture or cabinetry. About a month ago, my company Woodistry came up with our first all bamboo shoe storage bench. The bamboo plywood is not only a green product, it is also beautiful, durable and very strong. This is the perfect material for furniture that you want to last forever. But the bamboo is not just great for furniture; it also makes a terrific choice for all types of cabinets.

Bamboo Kitchen cabinets 1

One of the members of our Professional Woodworking Guild, Kent Knitter, recently completed a whole kitchen full of bamboo faced cabinets, and they look great! According to Peggy Knitter this kitchen was one of Kent’s favorites to do. He had fun working with bamboo, which is a material he had wanted to work with for a long time.

The kitchen design is also not run-of-the-mill either. I like the way Kent did the diagonally cut doors for the cabinet in the picture. The rest of the kitchen looks great as well, uh, except that the floors aren’t done yet. It also has some interesting features like some upper pull-out pantry cabinets.

Bamboo Kitchen Cabinets

The pulls for these cabinets are made of bronze and are individually designed. Each one is unique. Jeff Lindeneau is a metal sculptor in Escondido, California. This is his kitchen, and as a creative person, he wanted it to be different than most kitchens. Making handles, door knobs and more is Jeff’s business. He’s very good at it as you can see. His business is called Lindeneau Bronze. If you are looking for a special pull for your home you might want to visit his web site. He does some very interesting work. clip_image010

For more information on using bamboo for furniture or fine cabinetry you might want to check out the series of articles we wrote on bamboo, or you can also check out an article I wrote about bamboo on Woodistry.com.


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