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22 October 2008


Stratocucine 1


“The Biggest Room in the World”


These kitchen designs from Stratocucine: the Eclettica, Non Plus Ultra, Kubista bend the concepts of iStratocucine 4magination into shapes that I have never seen before, shapes that I never would have envisioned for a kitchen, shapes that I find extraordinarily inspirational, not so much for the kitchens they have produced, but because of their mute testimony that somehow seems to shout that the biggest room in the world is still that of imagination.

What is in a kitchen? What is in any room, really? What needs to be there—stove, refrigerator, sink, must appear, of course, but what shape shall they take? How shall the kitchen look? How much room will it occupy? Can it be made to look differently from any other kitchen we have seen? If it does, will it still work effectively? All of these are questions that can only be answered by opening a door into one’s mind and going through, quite literally, into another dimension.

It brings me back to one of several introductions used by Rod Serling for his old Twilight Zone TV series. “You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind.”

How many times in the many months that I havStratocucine 2e labored over these blogs have I asked, “What would you like in your kitchen?” To which the answer must always be, I think, “What do you imagine for your kitchen?” Because imagination is the most valuable asset any of us possess. Of course, having said that, I have to point out the obvious, which is that some of us are so far ahead in the imagination department that they make the rest of us look like a bunch of rather thick planks!

One of the people who will surely qualify for such praise is Marco Gorini, who is the head designer and founder of Stratocucine, one of the more innovative Italian manufacturers of kitchens. What Mr. Gorini has done with his kitchens is nothing short of extraordinary. What he seeks to do with his kitchen designs is to re-define our concepts of what a kitchen should be, and, as these pictures surely attest, he has done just that with the three kitchens we have featured here.

The Eclettica at the top of this blog features a curved outer frame with a rotating centerpiece and 180º opening which allows separate use of the cooking and sink areas. It is, absolutely, theStratocucine 3 most innovative design I have ever seen for a kitchen. Mr. Gorini states that his Eclettica “sees the kitchen being formally re-evaluated and reinvented, transformed into an environment which reflects the style and personality of its owners.” He goes on to say that he sees this kitchen as “a creation which is unafraid to be completely different form everything else, since its success lies precisely in its uniqueness, its willingness to shirk canons and conventions.”

The Kubista utilizes parallel pipes that one finds fascinating with their shape and function, and, really, the daring of something cantilevered to that extent. Finally, the Non Plus Ultra is made of massive pieces of stainless steel that are fitted together like the box joints I have sometimes made on my table saw, except that I could not possible copy such a design in wood. What all of these designs are, though, is proof positive that room for imagination is still the biggest room in the world.


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