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Pioneer LX01BD Blu-Ray Home Cinema System

2 December 2008


Pioneer 3


“And Now For Something Completely Different!”


I have written a number of blogs about home theaters—and expect to write many more, because they’re an interest of mine—but my emphasis has always been on the cabinetwork, which is natural enough. My partner and I are cabinetmakers. However, in searching this week’s blogs I came across a concept that interested me quite a bit, and it here makes its cft411.com debut. It is the Pioneer LX01BD Blu-Ray Home Cinema System.

To be very honest about this, what first caught my eye was the pictures they used to display their product, because I’m always looking, as I said, for home theaters, and especially those that are different or that seem to do their job esPioneer 2pecially well. Well, sir! As it turns out Pioneer appears to do its job especially well, which is why I decided to blog on something that I know only a little about.

For those who have not yet ventured into the area of home theaters with the big screen TVs and such, there are, of course, any number of places on the Internet to get the information that is needed to set such things up: what kind of speakers to use, how to space them, what kind of TV, and so forth.

That’s the kind of discussion that causes me to quietly sit by the sidelines until the discussion turns to some kind of display or cabinetwork for these admittedly considerably larger TVs. At which point, I can break out a pad and pencil and begin doing my thing which is designing a place to hold such things.

That said, though, I would like to pass along my own experiences with this concept. I am currently making an elaborate home theater which will accommodate a 65″ TV in a closed cabinet. None of that fake cabinet which is really just a tower on either side with a bridge across the TV. No, by god! Mine is to be a cabinet that will completely enclose the TV and do it with style. With style, I say! But I digress.

What I really wanted to do is say a few words about one’s choice of a TV, especially for those who still have a standard TV and are now thinking about making the plunge. I have to say I am most pleased with our 1080i, but I have since had a chance to review plasma TVs with 1080p, utilizing Blu-Ray Disc home cinemas. And I gotta say this is better. If I were making the purchase today, that is the direction in which I would go. With 1080i you get incredible detail on a football game or on any kind of movie, but 1080p pretty much blows your socks off. And if you’re thinking that you should wait because the clip_image006next generation will be better, all I can say is that I’m not unhappy enough with mine to spend that kind of money. Nor, I think, would those with a 1080p later turn them in for the latest new thing, unless you’re the kind of person who does that all the time. In which case, you really just clicked onto this blog to sneer, right?

For the rest of us, then. Go with something like the Pioneer LX01BD Blu-Ray Home Cinema System. I honestly don’t think you can make a mistake with equipment of that caliber.

For the technocrats, here are some the details about the system: Pioneer’s new LX01BD Blu-ray Disc home cinema system, compliments the HD video of Blu-ray with “exclusive audio technologies”. Sporting a distinctive and compact three-dimensional speaker design, it is ideal for Pioneer’s line up of Full HD Kuro televisions. The LX01BD incorporates a profile 1.1, BonusView Blu-ray Disc player that opens up a wide range of high definition entertainment options. To provide lifelike motion picture, it provides HDMI Deep Color support, which enables a wide range of color tones and smooth transitions. The LX01BD has an integrated 5.1 channel amplifier and comes with compact dodecahedron technology derived satellite speakers that generate sound fields in all directions.

It doesn’t say anything about slicing bread, but I’ll bet it could if it wanted to!


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