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Home Theater Design

11 December 2008


Cadore 3


“Making a Difference”


I don’t normally write about design in the abstract, but in doing research for kitchens a couple of weeks ago I came across a marvelous Italian company named Cadore Arredamenti. Like any cabinetmaker, they are, of coOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         urse, capable of doing things other than kitchens, and they had a number of designs for home theaters that caught my idea, simply because they are different, which is, of course, the one thing that always seems to get my old ticker pumping—something different. What they came up with has a wonderful elegance to it, though, and they are designs that, in turn, can inspire other builders to do different things with something of the same sort of elegance. What I find myself particularly liking about these designs, though, is that they are built in, as opposed to something a body merely purchases and plops on the carpeting.

One of the things people, especially realtors, will tell you is to make no permanent changes in a house, on the grounds that the next time it is sold (and the realtor naturally hopesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         that is going to be soon), the prospective new owners may not care for your design. To which I say, pish posh. Do what you want with your home. In the end, no matter what kind of house you have, some will like it, and most will not. And that is true even if you buy a new home from an award-winning new home builder. The reason is that homes are simply an extension of ourselves. Or at least they should be. Also, and I do think this should be part of one’s thinking, the most of us only own one or two homes in a lifetime. So, basically, by summarily rejecting that new design idea you have for your home, all you’re really doing is denying yourself the pleasure you might otherwise have had. And, finally, it you remove an interior wall, and the new owner likes everything about the house except that missing wall, he can surely have it added just as easily as you had it removed.

There is such a wonderful elegance to what Cadore Arredamenti has done (their design is at the top of this blog) that I found myself wondering what might be available in this country. Well, sir! One of the firms I came across is TJB Remodeling and Design in Minnesota, a company which has taken their abilities as general contractors and used it to design things that would be beyond a cabinetmaker, I believe, simply because they involve doing what I’ve just advocated—removing or adding walls to suit a design.

When I saw TJB’s picture of a fireplace with the TV over the top of it, my first thought was, oh, manOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         , that is sweet! Because I do so much research for these blogs, I have, of course, seen hundreds, if not thousands, of entertainment centers, and the one that sits beside the fireplace is done quite often. This is the first one that  went above it. More than that, this is the first one that was built into the wall. On the other side of this wall, based on the innovation I’m seeing here, I have to believe they did something with the wall thrust out in back, so it would be a seamless part of the whole, but what they have here is pretty slick.

The other concept from TJB that I wanted to share with you is the old concept of the TV beside the fireplace, but again, in the hands of those with a creative imagination and the necessary construction skills to achieve their vision, it has become something else altogether. It’s not just an entertainment center that has been plopped on top of the carpeting. It’s a built-in home theater, and the difference is, well, all the difference, really.


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  1. Lynn Stone  Says:

    I agree, this installation over the fireplace is slick. Gotta hide the blank screen when enjoying a warm cozy time in front of the fire! We make hardware that lets you flip around a bookcase or painting to watch your flatscreen TV. Very popular. http://www.reversica.com

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