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Acerbis Home Theaters

16 July 2009

Acerbis Entertainment Centers 1

“It’s in There”

One of the concepts that is of intense interest to both my partner and me is home theaters. I have written about them in the past, am writing about them today, and expect to write about them in the future for lots and lots of reasons, I suspect. First, I continue to wrestle with my own much toAcerbis Entertainment Centers 2o elaborate, much too delayed home theater project, so seeing what others do is always something of a boost in the arm for me. But also, and more to the point, I think, home theaters offer up design possibilities that seem to elude the makers of kitchens for a number of reasons.

First, a kitchen is a much more functional room. Also, second, third, and fourth, would be pretty much the same reason for the dearth of innovative kitchen designs, at least in the United States. And by saying that, I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade. Quite frankly, my own kitchen plans are not all that innovative, in part because of my own lack of imagination, I suspect, but in larger part simply because of the demands of a kitchen that must perform a practical function and be sited in a tract home. So, what does one do with it that is different and innovative? Not much, actually.

But on the other hand… On the other hand there are home theaters, and suddenly, the sky is very much the limit. I have seen people devote an entire room to their own home theater, mostly rich people, I suspect, but those of more modest means can, if they but have the space, do something along this line if they wish. And I have also seen any number of home theaters that would work quite nicely in just about anyone’s living room or family room. Acerbis is very much a case in point.

Acerbis Entertainment Centers 3 Acerbis has come up with one of the slickest concepts I’ve ever seen for home theaters, a sort of “now you see it, now you don’t” concept. What they’ve done is create a TV wall unit with a projection screen concealed inside the unit that is automatically expandable and self-wrapping. So what that means is that you can now have a small screen for games and news and the big screen for movies and sports, on the same wall, in the same living room.

What that does, really, is open your living room or family room to all kinds of wonderful design considerations. I’ve watched enough movies on our big screen TV to feel certain that it’s the way to go for something like that, but we also watch a fair amount of regular TV that really doesn’t require a screen of that size. Watching the Martians devour the entire world? Heck yeah, you need a big screen! Watching the latest press conference by an unfaithful politician—small screen does fine. Actually, I could get by with a 2″ screen for another one of those tedious scandals!

Acerbis Entertainment Centers 4

But the other aspect is just the design possibilities that are made possible by a concept like this one. The wall unit is such that it would add to just about any room in which it resides, and the screen is suitable for the most common projectors on the market. Acerbis calls this their ‘New Concepts Composition’, and it really is. It combines great looks with some marvelous technology. It has an integrated lighting system that softly illuminates the room, and because the screen is out of sight when it’s not in use, it has a wonderful clutter-free look that I would absolutely kill for! And, as is true of all these Italian manufacturers these days, they have a large number of separate pieces including sideboards, wall shelves, upright furniture, shelving units and mirrors available in matching styles, and designed for just about any living room, media room, or den a body could think to use them in. I can’t think of anything to add, can you?


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