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Kohler Lilies Lore Cast Bronze Lavatory Sink

19 August 2009


Kohler Cast Bronze Bathroom Sink 1


“Haven on Earth”


Kohler Cast Bronze Bathroom Sink 2 This cast bronze sink from Kohler has so many things to recommend it that I hardly know where to begin, but functionality and design are certainly key points! Kohler bills themselves as a company that has “spent the better part of a century elevating the sink from its humble beginnings to an exciting and functional work of art,” and that sort of dedication certainly shows in one of their more recent offerings. It’s the Lilies Lore™ Cast Bronze Lavatory Sink from their new Nature’s Chemistry™ line, which is quite a mouthful, I suppose, but the sink itself is an absolute delight.

What Kohler most wanted to do with this particular concept is to “take on a modern shape through an organic and intricate pattern.” Well, sir! This sink does all that and more. And if it’s to be used in a master bathroom, it has a little something for everyone, which is really a most welcome change.

And, guys, you know what I’m talking about. Get married and out goes anything remotely approaching the bachelor quarters you once had and loved. No, it’s flowers and lace and I don’t know what all, and try as you might, that’s how that bedroom’s going to be forevermore. You can get a den and fix it to suit yourself, but every night when you go to sleep, you’re surrounded by fluffy little perfumed goodness-knows-what-all!

Kohler Cast Bronze Bathroom Sink 3 However, this sink, by way of distinct contrast, has a nice lilies motif that is delicate enough for the wife, but not so much so that you kind of cringe when you wash your hands in it. More than that, it’s made of bronze, which takes us back to what, the ancient Romans, if memory serves. So, that’s nice and brawny, right?

But the other part of the bronze is that it is imminently durable, and because it is bronze, it is almost a living thing—living finish, Kohler calls it, and they’re right. Over the years this sink will “develop a slight patina and transform into a warm brown finish,” not unlike the way mahogany darkens and enriches its color over the years.

Finally, Kohler finished off their Lilies Lore™ sink in style by incorporating the same stylized motif over the drain itself, which gives it a wonderfully seamless appearance. But even though it is a very decorative sink, the cast bronze, low relief pattern is as durable and easy to clean as it is beautiful. If you’re as tired of the same old, same old as I am, you might want to look into a sink like Kohler’s Lillie Lore™. It’s the kind of sink that would immediately become the undisputed centerpiece of any bathroom in which it resides. And a kind of haven for hubbies.


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    7 Responses to “Kohler Lilies Lore Cast Bronze Lavatory Sink”

  1. Joe Dusel  Says:

    “Easy to clean”? Hmmm… I’d like to see how easy to clean it seems if you don’t have a maid to clean it. That sink might be nice in a guest bathroom where people are just washing their hands, but if you start spitting toothpaste in there I’d say you are going to have a mess in no time.

    To me that’s just a show piece design. I really don’t see it for everyday use.


  2. elizabeth  Says:

    this is gorgeous-for my powder room with Sahara gold polished Marble-

    Toooooooooooo expensive-but yummy!

  3. Tab  Says:

    love it where can i get one!!!

  4. Joe Freenor  Says:

    Kohler is an American company, and their products are widely available. Check their website for an outlet near you.

  5. Frank the Modern Midget  Says:

    My wife likes this. We are in a disagreement because I want a surface bowl sink with a vessel faucet. That is the latest thing out and what is “in style”. She thinks we live in Old World Tuscony and we don’t. They wash their paws in the local creek and beat their clothes off of rocks and cook on stones. I wash my hands in a sink, use an automatic washer and cook with Pampered Chef baking stones in my oven. I want modern!

  6. Wife Who Decorates  Says:

    Frank, FYI vessel sinks have been around for years and are so “yesterday”! This beautiful bronze sink is what’s in now. You should be out mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, and working on your car, instead of trying to do the decorating that your wife should be doing. It’s just not a man’s job. Sorry, just my opinion.

  7. Nancy  Says:

    I bought the Lillies Lore sink. It is awsome. It weighs 18 pounds. We used a black granite with veining the same color as the sink, more of a brass color than bronze. Don’t hesitate to buy it. We look at it all the time just like one looks at art…it truly is “art”. Nothing to cleaning it…just wipe it clean.

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