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theZire Outdoor Furniture

17 August 2010

TheZire All Weather Wicker Collection 4

“It’s Summertime”

TheZire All Weather Wicker Collection 1 I don’t know, I guess it just depends on where you live and how the summer heat is, but for us here in San Diego, one of the real summer glories is sitting outdoors in the summer months. Most of the time we get a wonderful sea breeze, and there’s just no better place to be. But I say that knowing that when I visit my sister in Missouri the summer humidity is pretty bad, and just recently in Indianapolis where we had a wonderful visit with Delta Faucets, every time we went outside, it felt like we’d just walked into the back of a drycleaners where they’re ironing clothes. That wet heat just brings you to your knees. How people can do that sort of thing for a living is beyond me, but there it is. You almost get the feeling those people moonlight as towel-passer-outers in public saunas. But I digress.

For those who live in a climate that lends itself to that sort of thing, though, a backyard paradise truly is TheZire All Weather Wicker Collection 3just that, and it’s something that is easily achieved. Really, just a little furniture gets you started, and if you get no further than that, you still have a place to escape to on hot days. One of the looks I particularly like for outdoor furniture is wicker, but there’s a decided downside. The problem with wicker outdoor furniture tends to be the wicker, or rather, the upkeep of the wicker. It has this way of drying out and splitting, and if you’ve ever had one of those splinters stab you in the nether regions, you know what I’m talking about. The other part of things is just the oiling or painting that is required to maintain this stuff. And this is especially true in my part of the world, because the hot summer sun in San Diego is not particularly kind to furniture.

But that brings us to a company I recently bumped into in cyberspace, namely, theZire. One of the cool things about theZire is that they use only Ecolene fiber for their outdoor furniture. Ecolene has a natural look and a three-year discoloring warranty and is said to be the only synthetic rattan fiber in the world that does not contain heavy metals or other harmful substances. And seeing what’s happened to the Gulf of Mexico, I find myself getting pretty excited about anything that is going to help the environment for a change! The other thing to like about theZire is how the furniture itself is made. The furniture has aluminum frames so it won’t rust, and all of the welded joints are formed with full welds as opposed to weaker spot welds.

TheZire All Weather Wicker Collection 5 The other slick thing about theZire is the wide range of outdoor furniture they have available. They have sun loungers, day beds, and a large array of dining furniture in just about any configuration you can imagine, not to mention a full selection of sofas, armchairs and sectionals. But the cool thing about their entire line is that it can be used on the patio you have, be it indoor, covered, or open to the sky. And all of it is just-hose-if-off maintenance, which means that a summer with theZire is the best kind of all. The living is easy.


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  1. Joe Dusel  Says:

    Nice looking furniture. Are these products strictly for women, or can men use them too?


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