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Visiting Vahallan Papers at KBIS 2011

27 May 2011


Vahallan Papers 11


“A Room of One’s Own”


Vahallan Papers 33 I saw a great many things while I was at KBIS, but I think it’s fair to say that the bulk of the products were things I had seen before, which is not to say that these products did not impress me, because they certainly did, but simply that I had seen a great many of these products before. And that’s understandable. A cabinet is a cabinet, to use my own field as an example, and so forth. And even though I am convinced to a moral certainly that there is a decided difference between well-made cabinetry and not-so-well-made cabinetry (both types were on display at KBIS), it is still a fact that I have seen cabinets before.

I have also seen wall paper before, but what I saw with Vahallan Papers is something so far removed from any other wallpaper I have ever seen, that I’m not sure it is either fair or accurate to describe it with that term. Wall covering is much more apt. Make that, glorious wall covering, and we might actually be getting close to the type of product I saw. Really, it was that impressive.

Vahallan Papers 22 I’ve seen quite a bit of wallpaper, and although both my father and a younger brother are absolute wizards with it, it is just not a product I ever warmed to for reasons I cannot completely explain. I think what I most dislike about wallpaper is simply that it IS wallpaper. And predictable. Vahallan Papers, by way of decided contrast, is something else altogether. But that, in turn, gets us back to this whole concept of wall coverings, as opposed to wall paper. Really, the only connection I could see between Vahallan Papers and standard wall paper is that they’re both pasted to the wall.

It’s the kind of high-end product that will surely appeal to a lot of my interior designer friends, simply because of the sheer elegance of it, and also, I think, its uniqueness. To begin with it’s one of a kind, hand painted wall coverings that can be applied to the wall in a number of different ways, depending on the texture and look the interior designer wants to achieve. And Vahallan Papers has gone further than that. Because theirs is such a labor-intensive product, they have also made it possible for interior designers to simply request the exact color they have in mind, the result being a truly one-of-a-kind wall covering.

Vahallan Papers 44 Another rather attractive aspect of this product is the ease of application. Traditional wallpaper with its traditional rolls that must be applied floor to ceiling can be a real pain to install, especially when it’s necessary to work it around crown moldings or other fixtures. One of the beauties of Vahallan Papers is that it can be applied in much smaller pieces one at a time. It is also possible to do any number of variations of this application process, and with each variation, a different texture is created.

Really, looking at the wall coverings in these pictures one would never know that they are actually paper affixed to a wall. Many of them are textured, in addition to being hand-painted, and Vahallan Papers is now getting into metallic colors.

One of the things I most hope to achieve with our remodeling plans is to make of our home something different, something uniquely our own. With Vahallan Papers, one can easily transform the most pedestrian of rooms into a room-and a statement-all one’s own.


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    5 Responses to “Visiting Vahallan Papers at KBIS 2011”

  1. Katsuyo  Says:

    I think I would like to see this wallpaper in person. I have only encountered the less fancy wallpaper, and that was usually when I was trying to remove it from my walls.

  2. Joe Freenor  Says:

    I have some samples that I got at KBIS. I didn’t know what it was until I read the copy inside! It does not remotely look like wall paper. Very slick stuff!

  3. obay  Says:

    really informative..i like the content and picture you gave us…

  4. Mitch Lee  Says:

    Vahallan papers would like your permission to link to the blog article that you posted about us a on a new tab we are creating called “media”. Do we have your permission?

    The new tab would look like this


    Please let us know

    Mitch Lee
    Vahallan Papers

  5. Joe Freenor  Says:

    Absolutely! All we ask is that you include a credit line: “Courtesy of CFT411.com.” And we’re delighted that you liked the blog!

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