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Unusual Rugs from Alpha Custom Rugs

19 September 2011


Alpha Custom Rugs 1


“We’ve Got You Covered”


Alpha Custom Rugs 2 Today’s blog is one of the cooler ones I’ve been able to put together, simply because it involves something different from somewhere faraway that is actually designed and distributed by someone domestic. I was intrigued from the moment I first saw the subject of today’s blog, but in the back of my mind, I felt a bit sheepish, as I was certain that something as innovative as these rugs would end up being one of these products I am forever gushing about, but my readers sometimes have a bit of difficulty getting, because they are actually produced in Europe.

Of course, as this Internet phenomenon continues to grow and prosper, the age-old restrictions of not being able to obtain products from overseas are becoming less and less a viable difficulty and more and more a historical oddity. These days we all seem to be on the same stage, so a superior product produced in one country rarely stays in one country. In any case, Alpha Custom Rugs is actually an America-based company. Actually, they got their start here in New Jersey, but more recently they have moved their production facilities to Peru, the better to take advantage of those people’s superior rug making capabilities and move themselves closer to their raw materials. Peru is the largest producer of Alpaca, which is regarded as one of the finest natural fibers in the world. Alpha Custom Rugs is also able to offer their products in Llama, Sheep, or blends of fibers.

Alpha Custom Rugs 6 What I especially like about the products from Alpha Custom Rugs is the wide range of uses for them and the luxuriousness of the product itself. Others have commented on the “extreme softness” of the finished product and described them as “touch-worthy creations,” which makes them just the thing for the cold winter evenings that will soon be here. The other thing I like about this is their wonderful sense of design, not whimsy so much, as just designers who have let their minds run riot.

The thing with throw rugs is that quite often they’re there more as a design element. Most of us have wall-to-wall carpeting for the practicality of it, but there are still those who prefer hardwood floors for reasons I can well understand, being both a woodworker and a blogger who has written about a number of hardwood flooring companies. Some of those floors are nothing short of gorgeous, but they do tend to be a bit cold in the winter months, so a throw rug certainly has a role to play. The other part of this, of course, is what can be done with a wonderful splash of color, and especially so when one is able to become part of the design process. Well, as it turns out, the slogan of Alpha Custom Rugs is “Your vision, our motivation,” so you can pretty much count on being part of the rug to be custom made to your specifications.

The one thing I most look for in home decor is something that expresses a bit of the personality of those who live there, something different. I think a custom rug from Alpha Custom Rugs would, um, cover that!


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    2 Responses to “Unusual Rugs from Alpha Custom Rugs”

  1. Gloria Graham Sollecito, AKBD  Says:

    Wow! Totally cool. I went to their website and I love it. The colors , patterns and shapes make for a great focal point in any room. Great find 🙂

  2. Joe Freenor  Says:

    Thank you, Gloria. I really do like what they’ve done here, and if I had hardwood floors, I would want some of their rugs. The other cool thing is that they’re all done to order, so designers can really make a statement for their clients!

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