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Kami Shoe Bench

20 October 2011

Kami Bench Birch 2


torii_1Inspiration for my shoe bench designs comes from a lot of different places. The pattern for the sides of our new Kami bench is a stylization of a Japanese Torii gate. The torii gates are typically found at the entrance of Shinto shrines.  Kami is the Japanese word for spirits, but it can also be translated to mean gods.  So, you might say that this getabako was inspired by “God”.


The pattern for the side cutouts started out much differently and evolved in a collaboration with my wife. We actually do a lot of that here since we run a small home-based business. I also rely on my Facebook friends for a lot of feedback whenever we come up with a new design, and it seems like the consensus is that the Kami shoe bench is a winner. Even my kids like it.


Today hopefully we can get the first few of these made and we can see how they work out in the real world. When you have new designs milled on a CNC (Computer-Numerically-Controlled) machine there are frequently bugs that need to be squashed for the design to be executed properly. That makes our projects a bit challenging for the CNC shop, but he says he likes that. I always take along my laptop computer just in case I need to make adjustments to make things work.


We found some beautiful Baltic Birch plywood for these benches and I think they are going to look awesome. I am pretty excited about this design in case you haven’t noticed. As with all of our shoe storage benches these are made to be Ready-To-Assemble.


Of course, we love getting feedback on our designs, so please let us know what you think! We can make our benches in almost any color or stain shade.  For more information on our other shoe bench designs please visit our Woodistry website.


Joe Dusel



Kami Bench DarkKami Bench White

    3 Responses to “Kami Shoe Bench”

  1. Gloria Graham, AKBD  Says:

    I love it Joe! So original AND useful.

  2. Gloria Graham, AKBD  Says:

    Hey Joe I’m dying over here to see more! The website link doesn’t work.

  3. Joe Dusel  Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Gloria. Our website is http://www.woodistry.com. We have been experiencing technical difficulties with posting to the blog site, so the links that I placed originally disappeared.


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