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Bathroom Designs by Wet

15 November 2011


Wet Bathroom Designs 1


“A Bit of the Different”


MELTDOWN by WET2 Man, this is a blog that really takes me all the way back to very near the beginning of this blog site. One of the companies I first wrote about, because I liked the innovation of what they were doing, was Wet, which, despite its name, is actually an Italian company. Although, I suppose the innovation on their site had to be something of a sure tipoff that this was, indeed, an Italian company. In any case I recently came across them again, and damned if they’re not working in stone these days, but doing so, as one would expect, with a wonderful bit of flair.

The picture at the top of this blog shows some of their more current work, but because they are such a zestful design company, I also wanted to dig up one of those pictures from that long ago blog. It’s the second picture here, and it shows what one can do with a little talent and a whole lot of imagination. And, as there always is for something like a lighted sink, there are a fair number of technical challenges, because we certainly can’t have water making its way into electrical circuits! What I liked about that sink, though, and why I wrote about it, was the sheer fun in the concept itself. That said, I cannot say that I would necessarily want it for myself. I think it really is much more of a young person’s thing, which is why I took full advantage of a full color palate when I was the age I would have to be to install such a sink. My psychedelic home office of many colors was a heck of a lot of fun in my early twenties, and I hung onto it until I married in my early thirties. But that brings me to why I like Wet’s current offering so much.

Wet Bathroom Designs 2 In my youth I thought, as do all young people, I suppose, that my thoughts and views and tastes were permanent things. It was during the second half of the 1960s when people were marching and protesting and raising all kinds of hell, really, both in politics and in style itself. Suddenly, color was everywhere, and I found myself jumping on that bandwagon. What happens, though, is that one’s tastes change. Those who disparage this process will surely think of it as becoming stodgy, but, really, it is much more a process of simply maturing in one’s value systems. I still like cutting-edge items. In fact, whenever my wife and I are discussing the possibility of one of those for our home, what typically seals the deal is my wife pointing out, “But we’ve always done different things.” And we have.

But that brings me to what I so like about what Wet calls their Shadow Table. It’s a pair of stepped sinks cut out of a rather substantial marble base, and the first thing you notice about the piece is that it really should have that sort of moniker, as opposed to simply calling it a double sink. “Piece,” as in “piece of fine art” really suits it better, because it is a pair of sinks that have been designed by the kind of people who would come up with a lighted sink. They’ve done some slick things with this one, though, including black marble inserts in the cream-colored design which are made to appear like shadows of the faucets. So what you have, then, is the elegance of marble, the uniqueness of those stepped sinks, and the quirky accent of fixtures that cast shadows that never were.


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