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NatureKast Outdoor Cabinetry

16 May 2012


NatureKast 7


“Neither Snow nor Rain nor Heat”


NatureKast 4 Water. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. Yeah, I know what you’re saying, something along the lines of what HAS this man been smoking! Of course we need water, can’t live without it, but those who are unabashed fans of water have never had to do the perennial, ongoing, never ending, every-single-spring-of-your-life type maintenance like I have done ever since I persuaded myself that an elaborate back backyard paradise would be just the thing. Truth to tell, when it’s standing tall, we have had a couple of very memorable parties. Among the many permanent structures I built back there is a raised cactus garden, and my wife often comments on how magical it looks when it’s ringed with solar night lights. So that’s the upside. The downside is termites and rain.

People will tell you that redwood is impervious to termites. That is not true. Others will amend this dictum to say that actually it is the heartwood section of redwood that protects against termites. The sap wood round the outside of the tree is white and has none of the protective capabilities of the red heart of the redwood tree. Specify all heart, and you’re home free. This also is not true. If it’s made of wood, termites will bring a knife and fork. And ALL wood is susceptible to dry rot damage. The latter is actually a fungus. The paint fails, rainwater seeps in, often bringing that fungus in along with it, and the wood is eventually consumed with a dry rot, hence the name. Once it strikes, all you can do is remove the damaged sections and start again.

NatureKast 2 And that brings me to what I would do differently. Honest to goodness, I would get something like what NatureKast has. Matter of fact, all things being equal, and knowing that what I most wish I’d put back there is a full-on outdoor kitchen, I can say unreservedly that these cats are the ones I’d want making my outdoor kitchen. And I’m a cabinetmaker! But, face it folks, I don’t know one blessed thing about working with resin-based projects, and these people have most definitely got it going on in that department.

To begin with, NatureKast is a Florida-based business, and even though my heart-and all of the rest of me!-is in San Diego, I have to admit that Florida is THE place for this kind of business, simply because they get even more sunshine than we do, along with more exposure to salt air and the like. What that means, though, is that building outdoor products that will stand up to that kind of environment means you’ve created something that is good to go wherever it goes.

NatureKast 6 NatureKast has a number of lines of products available for one’s outdoor kitchen including cabinetry, exhaust hoods, and ceiling panels that interlock and are easily installed. So, depending on how elaborate one’s outdoor kitchen is, you’re pretty much covered. Looking at the hoods, you might find yourself wondering why one wouldn’t just opt for real stone. Want a crash course in why? Start toting those stones around. And also, as it is with all of their products, there is the very real issue of maintenance.

NatureKast has created a complete line of waterproof cabinets that look like wood but are actually not wood at all. How can you tell the difference? Wait until spring. These cabinets are made with a technologically-advanced, high-density resin system, which means they won’t crack, split or rot, regardless of the amount of rain, humidity, heat or other environmental nasties they may be exposed to. You can even leave these babies out in the snow! Just like the mailman of yore, NatureKast delivers!


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