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Building a Home Theater

23 October 2012


Family Room Remodeling 001


“What It Is”


Family Room Remodeling 003 I have never gone so long without writing something new for this site, but I have been quite busy with a great many other things, principally another writing project that consumed all my days and nights for entirely too long a time. And now that I’ve whetted your appetite for more details on said project, I hasten to add that I really can say no more than this because it was a ghost-written project! But all the while, I found myself champing at the bit as it were, anxious to return to this blog site and the many, many exciting products and concepts we have been sharing with you for, lo, these 850 blogs. I am also very excited to be returning to my own home improvement projects, because the one, in a great many respects, fuels the other.

We purchased our home twenty years ago, and even before we took occupancy of the house, I was at work on the first project, combining two small bedrooms into the large study in which I’m working now. I followed that with an extensive wfamily room remodeling 006 (2)alk-in closet for my wife and floor-to-ceiling bookcases that wrap around my study, and the upshot was that we had boxes in half the house for most of the first year. Since then there has been a most elaborate backyard project which consumed some nine summers of my life. There were other projects, too, to such an extent that every room of the house now has something of my work in it, but there was also a long period of inactivity that finally came to an end earlier this year. Part of that time was well spent, though, because it was then that Joe Dusel approached me with the idea of the two of us forming this blog site. A few months later my wife became unemployed, a state that continued some two years, and money was much too tight for the type of work I have been doing for our home.

But all of that is behind us now, and the picture that tops this blog is a promise of things to come. It is a stack of Honduras Mahogany which I purchased just this week, and over the next few months I will turn that pile of wood into something I hope will be both beautiful and useful. The other pictures are of other elements in the project, both Family Room Remodeling 005finished and unfinished.

So, this is a bit of what I will be doing in coming weeks and months, but I have decided to share it with our readers because one of the mainstays of this blog site has been innovation. Our core interests have always been kitchens and baths, with a special emphasis on kitchens. If I had my life to live over, I might well have gone into the field of kitchen design because I have very nearly a lust for the challenges and rewards in that area of design. In the hands of the better kitchen designers, a kitchen is at once the most practical room in the house and the most innovative. And it is this last element, innovation, that most interests me.

I have long been a believer that people should design for themselves, without regard to thoughts of negative impact on the resale value of the home. No matter what you do, others may approve–or not approve. When this project is finished I expect to see very few who are indifferent to it. People will either hate it or love it, but in the end, the only votes that count are oFamily Room Remodeling 012urs.

The candy counter you see here lacks only the glazing. The blue tape on the wall outlines what will eventually be a movie marquee of Honduras mahogany. The coffee table is long since finished and gets quite a bit of use. The top rises to table height for eating in front of a football game or movie, which is something this childless couple often does. There will be a base cabinet for storage and a tall display tower on either end of the couch, topped with Surround Sound Speakers behind blue cloth doors like the one at the base of the candy counter. These are near to being finished. Every element in the finished project will pick up the lattice format that is best shown in the frame round the movie poster. The large-screen TV will eventually have a surround and cabinetry on either end that matches that which now flanks the couch. And to really get the naysayers in a tizzy, I mean to install toe kicks and make all of this a permanent installation, our own little slice of a home theater. Soon it will be all these things, but for now it is still just a pile of wood and a glimmer in my eye.


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    2 Responses to “Building a Home Theater”

  1. Keri Ofshe  Says:

    Great article Joseph!! I can’t wait to see the finished honduras mahogany. I did a large home once with all of the finish work done in Honduras Mahogany……….one of the most beautiful woods. I’m so happy to know that you write a blog!! :-)))

  2. Joseph  Says:

    You’re very kind, Keri. Thank you for your comments. These poor snapshots really don’t do justice to the finished Mahogany. When I come to the end of the project I will see about lighting it better for the blog I’ll write then. I’m also thinking I’ll do an occasional blog on the project as it develops. The wood itself is just gorgeous, even unfinished. That coffee table has been finished for a number of years now, and the color gets richer every year. Whenever the finish looks a little marred (that coffee table gets a LOT of use), I put down a coat of beeswax, and the whole thing just gleams!

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