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Introducing Glideware Cookware Organizer

18 March 2014


Glideware 1




Glideware 2There were some 260 exhibitors at KBIS 2014 which was held in Las Vegas during the first week of February this year. I tried valiantly to see them all, but these old legs wouldn’t carry me as far as I would have liked. One exhibitor that I missed was in one of the smallest booths, but made, just the same one of the biggest splashes at KBIS. Along with showing their wares to sundry and all, exhibitors at affairs like these are also entered into an annual competition that showcases the best of the kitchen and bath industry. Glideware won the “Best of KBIS” – Kitchen: Silver Award, which puts them in some very heady company. These Awards are typically won by household names like Delta, Kohler, Dacor, and Electrolux. Glideware is a company that didn’t exist this time last year.


A young couple from Grand Junction, Colorado, Dave and Jenny Hall, came up with one of those new product concepts that tends to blow one’s mind with both its workability and its sense of why-in-the-world-has-no-one-ever-thought-of-that-before? Here’s the thing. We’ve all been there, right? We’ve all stooped over to get a pot or pan from a kitchen base cabinet, and had to grunt and strain to get the one we want. If it’s the one on top, no problem. If it’s down a bit in the stack—and we all have those stacks of pots and skillets—then you have to pull out the whole thing to get the one you want.


Face it. Most of us live in tract homes with kitchens still sporting the kitchen cabinetry that came with the house, AKA, cheap. Typically, those kitchen base cabinets have one drawer at the top, then a door that opens to the main storage unit. Nowadays, they no longer build cabinets with fixed shelves, so you have one adjustable shelf in the cabinet. Both shelves have a jumble of pots and pans because, try as we might to finally organize that mess, we never do. That’s not so much from laziness or procrastination as it is from the simple logistics of that particular arrangement. All you can really do is make piles of your kitchen utensils cooking equipment. And no matter how hard you try to keep it arranged in some semblance of order, it rarely works, either from inertia or from kids doing the dishes (do they still do that?).


Glideware 4Well, sir. Along come Dave and Jenny, and suddenly it’s a whole ‘nother ball game. They have created a product that not only works like a champ, but one that is ideally suited for either new or old construction. At the moment they are marketing their efforts to do-it-yourselfers who have found the installation of this product to be every bit as well thought out as the product itself. It comes fully assembled and only needs four screws to install it, which makes aftermarket installation simplicity itself. However, with all the attention they got at KBIS from people in the trade, they’re now working with some of the biggest cabinet companies to have Glideware offered in their cabinetry.


As its name suggests, it’s a device that enables the user to glide one’s cookware out of the cabinet, as opposed to rooting through the inevitable pile for what one wants. When I showed these pictures to my wife, her first question was whether the items clanged together when they came out of the cabinet. The answer is not just no, but emphatically no. Truth to tell, they worked so hard on that aspect of things that they ended up inventing what they call Glideware Synchronized Motion™, a process so unique they now have a patent pending for it.


I have to admit that when I first saw this product, I thought there was a fair amount of dead space at the bottom of these cabinets equipped with Glideware. Actually, that’s very misleading. What you’re seeing is a cabinet so neatly organized that it holds some twenty-one pieces of cookware and still has space left over. Also, if you think about it for a moment, there’s quite a bit of dead space in your own cabinet. You have two shelves, a bunch of pots and pans jumbled together on each shelf, and above those jumbled piles of paraphernalia… a lot of dead space. You just didn’t notice it. But now Glideware has brought harmony to this cacophony. More than that, the dead space in your cabinets (now that you’re cognizant of its existence) is forever dead. Dave and Jenny are already thinking about their next steps with this product, one of which might well be a roll-out shelf at the bottom of the cabinet. The only roll-out you and I are getting is when lids hit the floor when we’re trying to get the pan we want!


Speaking of lids, I especially liked the way the lids were all with their pans in these pictures, but at the moment this only works with lids with handles. To achieve this, they simply turned the lids around and slid them over the pan handles, which lets out the pots and pans in our cabinets. However, they are also working on a method whereby one can achieve a similar effect with a knobbed lid. No doubt, there are some people who don’t see how they’re going to get this to work for a knobbed lid. Quite frankly, given their present success, I don’t see how they can fail!



    2 Responses to “Introducing Glideware Cookware Organizer”

  1. Cynthia  Says:

    This is a great idea ! Breaks my heart watching my Mom struggle to get down on her 85 yr old knees to pull that one single pan out of her base pan cabinet. She would never think to ask me to reach for it. Will Glideware be sold to cabinet makers or on the internet ?

  2. Dave Hall  Says:

    Joseph, I am sorry that we did not get to meet at the show. Thank you for the great article above.

    I could not help but to post this because of Cynthia’s comment…

    We had no idea what Universal Design or Aging in place was or the Accessibility benefits when we created the product. However, it was not until our local Parade of Homes show when some of the older attendees came up to us, pulled out the Glideware unit, grabbed a pan without bending over and set it on the counter. They began to tell us how they store their cookware on the counter because they can not get into their base cabinets. We were astonished.

    So, we have made Glideware available to all. It is being picked up daily by smaller cabinet shops across the country but can always be purchased online through http://www.Glideware.com or through Amazon.

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