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Makro Bathroom Concepts

15 January 2015


Makro Bathroom Concepts 1 

“Making a Difference”

Makro Bathroom Concepts 2You know, I may well have found just the thing for my bathroom. It’s a project I think about from time to time as I make my way through cyber space in search of material for these blogs. In between, of course, I am forever working in the shop, making lots and lots of sawdust, and every now and again, a finished project. But something like this might be just the ticket for a guy like me, simply because of all the wood they have used in executing one of the slickest bathrooms I believe I have ever seen.


Now granted, I am extremely biased on this subject because I do like all things wood so much. But along with the wood there is quite a bit of attention that has been given to the design of this bathroom, so let’s get into that a little.


One of the more difficult things about kitchen and bath designs is doing something new. A living room can really be pretty much anything you want it to be. The little houses I grew up in had a living room only with furniture arranged around what quickly became a little god of sorts, the television, but even that was an addendum. I’m old enough to have gotten in on the last days of radio, as we didn’t get a TV until I was in the fourth grade. I have vivid memories of lying on the floor in front of the old Philco, listening to shows like “Fibber McGee and Molly.” In those days the furniture was placed wherever it made sense to put it because radio didn’t require a sight line. TV, as I say, changed things, as did the larger homes that became the norm.


Homes with both living room and family room are a style that comes and goes, but those who have such an option will often place the TV in the family room. Depending on one’s life style, the living room can be as informal as the TV room or as formal as the parlor that was once the norm. But without a TV to arrange furniture around, the living room itself than becomes a large blank canvas.


Makro Bathroom Concepts 3Kitchens and bathrooms are highly functional rooms. Worse still, bathrooms are often very small, which means that after one has installed the obligatory toilet, sink, and tub/shower, the room is filled. How, than, does one do go about rethinking this most pedestrian of rooms after one has worked so hard to limit the possibilities? And that, in sum, is what I find so exciting about bathroom design in general and companies like Makro Bathroom Concepts in particular. Although in saying that I do have to acknowledge that much of the cutting design I have seen these seven years of blogging comes from Europe, especially Northern Italy.


Makro is one of a long line of innovative manufacturing and design companies stationed in Northern Italy, which must be both the easiest and most difficult assignment of all. Given the plethora of innovative companies in that part of the world, they surely have a talented labor pool to draw upon, but that has to be tempered with the many companies one then competes with. It’s an interesting paradox. On the one hand it doesn’t seem like anyone can ever come up with anything new, but when one does, as they often do, the rightness of the new design seems almost inevitable, which is how I feel about the bathroom suite from Makro I’ve posted here.


This bathroom suite is available in other materials, but woodworker me would never choose anything but the wood, so that is the concept I’ve shown here. They used Hemlock and Lati woods, all of which are treated to hold up to moisture. I’m not privy to the method they used for waterproofing their wood, but I’ve read enough about it to know that there are several ways of doing it, all of which not only work well, but make it possible to design things that were once thought to be impossible. But what they’ve mostly done here is something extraordinary. They’ve made something different.



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