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This blog is a collaborative effort of two professional woodworkers, Joe Freenor and Joe Dusel. Being woodworkers we started the CFT411 blog with the premise that we would be discussing mostly topics related to cabinetry and furniture. So, we came up with the idea of Cabinet & Furniture Trends & Information, and setup the CFT411.com blog site. We put out our first post on February 5, 2008. Well, after a short time of talking about kitchens and baths we found all sorts of things of interest in these rooms that we were excited about. I mean, who doesn’t get excited about faucets and sinks? To be honest, our trip to Delta faucets in 2010 was a ton of fun – and I loved the faucets!

Our revised goal is to keep you informed about a wide variety of interesting products and ideas for your home – inside and out. If we like something we are going to let you know about it.  And if you have a topic you would like us to talk about please contact us, we are always looking for things to talk about.

We’re both Joe, but we’re on opposite sides of the fence on some subjects like building materials, constructions methods, that sort of thing. Where we agree, and why we came together, is the integrity with which we approach our work. There is a story about a disciple of Buddhism who received instruction from a master of the discipline and then asked if it were the best way, to which the answer was, “It is a way, but it is not the only way. There are many ways to the top of the mountain.”

In writing these blogs we will each of us be expressing our own opinions, and sometimes not agreeing, but we are ever mindful that there are many ways to the top of the mountain.

If you like our blog you might also want to visit our websites showcasing the woodworking that we each do.  Please visit Joe Dusel’s Woodistry .

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