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Hardware Renaissance

10 December 2014


Share    “Like No Other™”   “We become what we think about all day long.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson.   The subject of today’s blog is one of the more intriguing I have encountered, in part because of their products, in larger part because of the thinking that has produced them, both contemporary and historic. The products […]


Masonite® Introduces Lemieux Torrefied Collection of Wood Doors

25 September 2013


Share    “I’m Lovin’ It”   I don’t know that I’ve ever started a blog with an apology, but I am now writing blogs I promised some time ago, so I felt one might be in order. Well, it’s either a straight-forward apology or a heartfelt thank you for the patience of those involved. Today […]


Mahogany Entryways Doors and Windows

7 November 2008


But, really, when I think about it, what most intrigues me about Mahogany Entryways is not anything mystical about whatever esoteric meanings we might choose to attribute to doors, but simply the product they produce and the material from which they make it.