Joe Dusel’s Bio


I’ve been designing and making furniture, cabinetry and craft items since about 1989. I was fortunate enough to have studied for almost four years under Ian Kirby at Palomar College in San Marcos, California. Since 2001 I’ve been doing woodworking professionally in our business called Woodistry.

My furniture and cabinet designs tend to be modern, with both Asian and Arts & Crafts influences. My wood-turnings are all unique original designs. I don’t like to copy the designs of others if I can avoid it.

I’m also interested in all of the latest gadgets, gizmos, techniques and software that’s related to woodworking. Like most woodworkers I’m also a lover of tools!

I like to use environmentally friendly materials like bamboo and formaldehyde-free plywood in the things I make. Not only is it better for the environment, it’s better for our health and yours not to be using toxic materials. We also use water-based finishes, so we are not spewing volatile organic compounds into the air we breathe.

My wife Katsuyo and I also have an e-commerce site called Aikomei to sell Asian inspired furniture and accessories. Aikomei sells both our work and that of other artists.

All of the furniture and crafts we sell are proudly made here in the U.S.A.!

If you have any questions about our work or our web site please email me at


We also design and make a number of craft items like pens, letter openers, wine bottle stoppers and pepper mills which we currently sell through our Etsy store.


Please visit the Woodistry Etsy store !


Joe Dusel

March 2013